The Use Cases

Besides developing the core system, the KiWi project investigates two enterprise knowledge management use cases at its industrial partners, Sun Microsystems and Logica Denmark. In addition, KiWi aims to develop a public showcase that illustrates the features of the KiWi system in a pure social software setting, i.e. outside of the rather complex context of enterprise knowledge management.

The Logica Use Case: Managing Process Knowledge in Projects

Carried outat Logica, a leading IT and business services company with 39,000 people across 36 countries, this use case is going to provide relevant insights in particular for IT project management.

A Public KiWi Showcase: Photo Stories

The public showcase aims to demonstrate the capabilities of the KiWi system as a platform for social software applications to a more general audience: Meet KiWi Photo Stories.

The Sun Use Case: Managing Software Development Knowledge

Sun Microsystems is a major contributor to open source software, and maintaining the various communities of practice and interest within and beyond corporate boundaries is a complex task.

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